Our Beginnings

Who We Are

Natural Health Solutions 365 has been serving the Piedmont, North Carolina, region for over a decade. Founded by Dr. Abby Campbell, Natural Health Solutions 365 provides wellness services to everyone who wants to feel their best. Dr. Campbell's vision began with a passion for health, as well as her compassion for people yearning for optimal wellness and solutions for natural healthcare that is gratifying and works without side effects. We exclusively use non-invasive means to work with clients, and holistic treatment plans may include lifestyle changes as well as professional nutraceutical and botanical products.

By using traditional holistic protocols that minimize the risk of harm, Natural Health Solutions 365 helps facilitate the body's inherent ability to prevent disease, restore wellness, and optimize health. This is done with the combination of nature's wisdom with the rigors of modern science, and our role is to identify and remove any barriers to wellness by creating an environment that is healing both internally and externally.

We believe that the underlying cause of what we call "dis-ease" comes from either biological imbalances and/or environmental factors. While the symptoms may be different for all dis-ease, the findings are the same in that they originate from malfunctioning cells. Because we practice naturopathy, our role is to find the root cause of individual health challenges and provide guidance to the client for change which enables the body to harness its own natural healing abilities. Natural Health Solutions 365 is healthcare for the people.