Dr. Abby Campbell

Welcome to Natural Health Solutions 365

With a passion for healthy living, I enjoy using my gifts for teaching people to care for and rebuild their bodies so that they may enjoy a fruitful life in body, mind, soul, and spirit.

As a naturopathic doctor, I provide comprehensive healthcare for individuals and families. Naturopathy is a unique alternative to conventional or allopathic medicine. I believe that dis-ease can be successfully prevented and health restored or optimized without the use of drugs, surgery, or other harmful methodology by using non-invasive analyses and holistic therapeutic modalities. My foundation is based on certain principles of which you may read under My Foundation in Our Story.

By using traditional holistic protocols that minimize the risk of harm, I am able to help facilitate the body’s inherent ability to prevent dis-ease, restore wellness, and/or optimize health. This is done with the combination of nature’s wisdom with the rigors of modern science, and I feel that it is my role to identify and remove any barriers to wellness by creating an environment that is healing both internally and externally.

I believe that the underlying cause of what we call dis-ease comes from either biological imbalances and/or environmental factors. While the symptoms may be different for all dis-ease, the findings are usually the same in that they originate from malfunctioning cells. My job is to find the root cause of individual health challenges and provide guidance to my client for change, which enables the body to harness its own natural healing abilities.

My Personal Testimony

I'm often asked how I got started in Naturopathy. To make a long story short, my passion for health and wellness began in my late teens though my body didn't want to cooperate. At the age of 24, I was diagnosed with a progressive form of cancer when I was nearly five months pregnant. My doctors recommended abortion and said that I would not live to see my daughter's fifth birthday if I didn't abide. However, I felt that the Universe had different plans for me. I gave birth to my second daughter whom I did live to see grow up into adulthood and have three children of her own. Even more, I've been cancer-free for 28 years. As I recovered through my late twenties and early thirties, I questioned whether the medical community had all the answers to health, wellness, life, dis-ease, and death.

My entire adult life has been dedicated to research and study. After homeschooling my children, I decided to go back to school myself at the age of 38. Soon afterwards, I entered a new profession as a fitness and sports nutritionist which led me into helping thousands of women (and a few men). However, my love for knowledge grew so I continued with my education. I will never stop studying. Science continues to make progress in proving what foods, botanicals, supplements, habits, and natural forces are healing. This is something that ancient traditional medicine has already taught the human race for millenniums. It is also something that I plan to prove to the world or anyone who listens. After all, I believe that the best practitioner treats a client holistically while a mediocre doctor treats the dis-ease.

My Specialties

My specialties are preventative therapy, detox and nutrition counseling, and weight loss management. I also care for those with hormonal and autoimmune disorders (i.e., menopausal symptoms, thyroid disorders, diabetes, lupus, etc.). I’m board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.